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PPPoE support status update

Okay, so much later I tried to make this work again...

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 06:35:01PM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Mar 2010 20:22, anarcat@koumbit.org said:
> > Could you clarify this? Are you saying I duplicated existing work and
> > that you already had userland ppp working? Is it with upstream's
> > usr.sbin/ppp?
> Yeah, I have userland ppp working as a client.  It was a mere
>  mkdir /var/spool/lock

That I just don't understand at all... Are you using userland PPP? From
what I can tell here, there's no ppp binary bundled with any kFreeBSD
package I know of, I don't see how creating the lock directory changes
anything here.

> > How about PPPoE? Anybody managed to do some of that?
> I have not tested it.  From my experience with OpenBSD I suggest to use
> kernel ppp to connect to a fast DSL line.  On a slow box the userland
> ppp is a severe bottleneck.  I have no idea whether this works on
> kfreebsd.

I can relate to the OpenBSD experience... However my experience on
FreeBSD was that the userland ppp is much more mature and is the
recommended way.

Right now, PPPoE doesn't work. The way I was able to compile ppp(8) was
by disabling netgraph, which makes ppp(8) complain about PPPoE (my

Warning: deflink: PPPoE: unknown host
Warning: deflink: Device (PPPoE:vr0) must begin with a '/', a '!' or
contain at least one ':'

I'll try to compile with netgraph support. In the meantime I would
really appreciate further directions on the next steps I should take to
package this officially and more details on how others have been able to
make ppp work at all right now.


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