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Re: Installing on VMWare Workstaiton 6.5

Hi there,

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 09:34:03PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de> (29/03/2010):
> > Thanks! This mini.iso for i386 can be installed!  Is there
> > everywhere an iso for amd64 that is installable?  Now I have tested
> > seven mini.iso files for amd64 but without success.
> I'd guess an image from a similar date could be somewhat suitable. I
> think it'd be nice to get a summary of what you tried and what exactly
> failed, so that someone can try and understand what broke and when. I
> think Phil could share his experience, he tried (hard) to get things
> working lately.

I did the installation more or less manually.  Take a ISO that does
boot and where the partitioner works (that part should be easy).

bootstrap-base failed upon me when installing, so what I did was
a debootstrap into /target within the d-i environment, then chrooting
into it.  Do not run tasksel.  Then install a kernel (7.2 seems to be
the safe choice here) and grub-pc (i.e. grub2), followed by running

Then you need to create /etc/fstab yourself.  See a sample below,
that has to be adjusted to your drive layout.

proc    /proc   linprocfs       rw      0       0
sys     /sys    linsysfs        rw      0       0
fdesc   /dev/fd fdescfs         rw      0       0
/dev/ad6s5      /       ufs     rw      0       1
/dev/ad6s6      none    swap    sw      0       0

Then I'd also suggest a `passwd root' so that you can login in the
final installation.  Albeit also possible later, you can also setup
`/etc/network/interfaces' in this step.  For me `auto nfe0' and
`iface nfe0 inet dhcp' were sufficient.

A reboot later you should be able to boot into 7.2.  Disclaimer:
this was on bare hardware and I did not try to preserve multiple
OSes on that machine.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
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