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Installation woes

Hi all,

after Alexander's nice Cebit talk I wanted to give Debian GNU/kFreeBSD finally 
some testing:

In a virtual machine I'm running the daily mini.iso form d-i. The first hurdle 
is the (known) DNS problem, which I went around with using a IP address for a 

Then, partman seems to have issues if I want to use a manual setup presenting 
me in the end with a query box with a lot of question marks. Guided one-shot 
partitioning does seem to work.

Then however, I hit the current show stopper: The base install stops after 
installing tasksel with an error that main-menue cannot create /dev/.static  
(from /var/log/syslog of the busybox): "Operation not supported"

Is this a known issue which I have not yet found the solution to?



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