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Re: Need help on Bacula FTBFS

Please explicitely disable ACL and xattr,
idea build tested as shown bellow.

This will imply a lose of functionality,

In theory yes, in practice no.

salinger@io:~$ grep xattr /usr/include/gnu/stubs-32.h
#define __stub_fgetxattr
#define __stub_flistxattr
#define __stub_fremovexattr
#define __stub_fsetxattr
#define __stub_getxattr
#define __stub_lgetxattr
#define __stub_listxattr
#define __stub_llistxattr
#define __stub_lremovexattr
#define __stub_lsetxattr
#define __stub_removexattr
#define __stub_setxattr

also it seems to me the real
problem is that there's no HAVE_*_OS macro being defined from
˙˙autoconf/bacula-macros/os.m4˙˙ which will cause other issues (at
run-time probably). I've not checked all instances of their usage but
some seem to be needed when using a FreeBSD kernel (and not a whole
FreeBSD system), like in ˙˙src/stored/dev.c˙˙ where it handles ˙˙block˙˙
devices as ˙˙char˙˙ devices on kFreeBSD.

Some of the system checks would benefit from being switched to be
feature checks instead, the BA_CHECK_OPSYS one could use the gnu
triplet instead from AC_CANONICAL_HOST.

Definitely it would be better to check features.


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