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Re: A (partial) installation report


I *just* tried to install it on a real hardware (not a virtual machine)
and I discovered this exact same thing. It seems that we have a good
amount of packages that are not built. :-(

You can even look at graph.
The difference between ka/ki is mainly due to ghc6, pending.

You can also take a look at
"source packages currently in unstable, missing in kfreebsd-amd64 archive,
ordered by popcon" part of


The openoffice.org, wine and openjdk-6 have high rank ...

The sound is not working, but I don't know if this is a configuration
problem or lack of support. The sound card here is a Trident4D card.  It
works fine under Linux, but I don't know how the sound on FreeBSD is
supposed to work.

If I understand it correctly, FreeBSD uses OSS and programs with support
for that should work. Is that right?  I don't know if I would need to
load any possible module or not.

Yes, 1st guess is to try "kldload snd_t4dwave", alternatively please
send "lspci -v" and "lspci -vn".

Regarding the kernel, I have grub2 installed here and while I can boot
the version 7.2 of the kernel, the very same configuration doesn't work
with kfreebsd-8.

kfreebsd-8 doesn't boot, while kfreebsd-7 does. Any hint here?

Does it start booting, i.e have been kernel loaded ?
What is the last line printed ?


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