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Re: Installer status - error from 3.2.2010


ok, there is a new development. 
It works when I remove the CD - I set it to empty in VB.
If I do not set it to empty, VB first loads the CD and then I select "Boot from disk". An then kFreeBSD starts loading, but it halts in the end with the error I have provided. The CD grub might be the problem?

Host OS: Windows Vista
Virtual Box: 3.1.2 r56127
Virtual Box storage: IDE controller

VT-x/AMD-v: enabled
host cpu: Turion x2

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From: "Petr Salinger" <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>
To: "Anton Andreev" <antonandreev@fmi.uni-sofia.bg>
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Subject: Re: Installer status - error from 3.2.2010

Please give us more details,
the screenshot have been only example

namely you version of VirtualBox,
your CPU, what it is running on - linux/amd64,
linux/i386, Windows, ....
whether is VT-x or AMD-V hardware virtualization support
available and enabled [1], ...

Can you change some VirtualBox settings,
disable cdrom and network card,reduce RAM amount
does it change result ?


[1] http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Guest_OSes

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