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Re: Debian kFreeBSD talk at CeBIT?


On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 06:15:02PM +0100, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> As you might have heard we got asked, if we would like to submit a talk
> proposal for the "Open Source Forum" at this years CeBIT.  I think a
> small introduction to the kFreeBSD port might be a good idea.  Since
> it's certainly something new and very noteworthy and it think it would
> very well fit in there.
> Is anyone interested in proposing such a talk?  An other possibility
> would be, that I do the talk myself; as I would intend it as an short
> introductory talk, I think I could handle it with some help of you (e.g.
> looking over my slides once they are finished and similar).

JFTR: I've been talked into giving a kfreebsd talk at FOSDEM (in the
BSD devroom) and offered Tolimar to use the slides of this talk for
CeBIT, too.

I also submitted that talk to LinuxTag and it seems very likely that
it will be accepted since they asked on debian-events-eu@l.d.o for
more than only two Debian related talks. ;-)

Slides are not yet existing, but my (constantly changing) braindump
for the slides is available at http://noone.org/hnbwiki/talks.html

Feel free to send me comments and suggestions. I hope, I won't forget
to post the slides as soon as a first version of them is online.

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org, abe@noone.org - http://noone.org/abe/

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