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Re: gnome install dependency update-binfmts (Linux Only)

Try "dpkg --purge binfmt-support".

The mono-runtime have "Recommends: binfmt-support" and by default
apt installs also Recommends (in addition to Depends).

We really should either:
* get it working, if relevant;
* get it to fail gracefully;
* get it removed from any relationships for non-Linux ports.

(But someone may have better ideas.)

Manually removing/not-installing it is a pain, even when one is
already aware of this issue.

And/or change binfmt-support from architecture "all" to "linux-any".
It would add at about 250 KB to whole Debian archive size.

Currently under kfreebsd-amd64/testing

grep-dctrl -s Package  binfmt-support ftp.ch.debian.org_debian_dists_squeeze_main_binary-kfreebsd-amd64_Packages
Package: binfmt-support
Package: binfmtc
Package: jarwrapper
Package: llvm
Package: mono-runtime
Package: python2.5-minimal
Package: python2.6-minimal
Package: utf8script


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