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Re: gnome install dependency update-binfmts (Linux Only)

Petr Salinger wrote:
I have attempted to install gnome with the BSD installer, the debian installer as part of the install script and post install with apt-get. All fail with Setting up mono-runtime and its dependency of update-binfmts. The message "Sorry, update-binfmts currently only works on Linux." I think this is a bug. But, if someone knows a procedure work-around please let me know.

Try "dpkg --purge binfmt-support".

The mono-runtime have "Recommends: binfmt-support" and by default
apt installs also Recommends (in addition to Depends).


"man apt-get":

Do not consider recommended packages as a dependency for installing. Configuration Item: APT::Install-Recommends.

This procedure completed the install but, the keyboard isn't present in gnome. So, I can't sign in.
Any suggestions?

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