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[patch] devd and acpiconf


I prepared a patch against the Debian source to include devd and
acpiconf.  I am not a DD and thus I have no experience creating
packages; in particular the conf files are missing.  What needs to be
included are these files:


and the /etc/init.d/devd needs to be written.You need thee latest libbsd and the
build dependencies should be changed to include g++.

I put acpiconf into /usr/sbin as in FreeBSD; it is only required to
make suspend work and thus not a basic requirement.  I tested this
with the standard BSD files.  rc.{suspend,resume} work nicely. 
(Unfortunately it does not solve my problem with the backlight :-().

If you have suggestions on how to do better than with handcrafted
patch files, let me know.  However, I hesitate to read all the DD docs

BTW, I noticed mismatching format strings in swapon.



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