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Re: [Pkg-opt-media-team] [PATCH 05/07] Support for kFreeBSD

Hi, Monty.

On 12/14/2009 07:41 PM, Monty Montgomery wrote:
> I don't mean to discourage ports, I'm simply unable to perform any due diligence to
> bless a port or to maintain it.  A 'drive-by' port is simply going to
> bitrot and eventually need to be removed without an active maintainer
> who can test changes/releases.

Perfectly understood. I hope that the kFreeBSD people can shed some light here.
They may even make a live CD with kFreeBSD in the future, if everything goes
well. It is my understanding that they are busy getting proper support for
libusb right now and dependent applications.

> Among other things, any new development is fairly certain to rip into
> the cdda interface layer to expose ECC flag functionality and I'd have
> no way to move non-Linux functionality forward.

Right. I guess that I will send you some weird diagnostics that I get when
running cdparanoia on my own drives, but that's for a bit latter. :-)

> I've had many offers
> from people who were interested in 'maintaining' ports to other OSes
> in the official Xiph SVN, but interest has never lasted more than a
> year before the volunteer wandered off.

Fair enough. I hope that, with Debian's kFreeBSD port being released, that it
will expose itself for more people and draw more people to the port (as it seems
to be understaffed right now).


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