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Re: [PATCH 05/07] Support for kFreeBSD

2009/12/11 Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>:
> Hi, Monty.
> This one adds support for GNU/kFreeBSD (that is a GNU distribution
> running with the FreeBSD kernel instead of Linux---Debian supports
> this).

This one I am initially going to say I can't take as I'm sole
maintainer of the cdparanoia project and have no means to review,
build or test support for platforms other than Linux.  I don't mean to
discourage ports, I'm simply unable to perform any due diligence to
bless a port or to maintain it.  A 'drive-by' port is simply going to
bitrot and eventually need to be removed without an active maintainer
who can test changes/releases.

Among other things, any new development is fairly certain to rip into
the cdda interface layer to expose ECC flag functionality and I'd have
no way to move non-Linux functionality forward.  I've had many offers
from people who were interested in 'maintaining' ports to other OSes
in the official Xiph SVN, but interest has never lasted more than a
year before the volunteer wandered off.  Perhaps if Debian were
interested in lending organizational commitment to maintaining a port,
that might work.


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