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Re: Bug#561076: hal: FTBFS on kfreebsd-* with 8.x kernel headers

I would very much appreciate if you ore Aurelien could review the kfreebsd
patches (debian/patches/5?-kfreebsd-*.patch). Their patch headers should contain
a meaningful description.

Please replace 54-kfreebsd-libusb2.patch by attached one.

The expectation for logic is that either both __FreeBSD_version and
__FreeBSD_kernel_version are defined to the same value or only one of them
is defined and the remaining is undefined (evaluated as zero).

So these test should be

#if (__FreeBSD_version < 800092) && (__FreeBSD_kernel_version < 800092)
#if (__FreeBSD_version >= 800064) || (__FreeBSD_kernel_version >= 800064)

E.g. in debian/patches/54-kfreebsd-libusb2.patch I only changed the minimum of
"#if __FreeBSD_version" to make it compile, but the code contains a lot more
#ifdefs which have no distinction for kfreebsd (grep __FreeBSD_version hald -R)
and I don't know if they should be updated too.

We cannot easily replace the addon-mouse.c/probe-mouse.c
as we do not have kinfo_getfile().


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