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Re: Bug#561076: hal: FTBFS on kfreebsd-* with 8.x kernel headers

Petr Salinger wrote:

>> Regarding 0.5.14 (which I plan to upload soon): Do you want me to enable the new
>> usb2 backend (given we get it to compile) or the old usb backend?
> I personally prefer the new one, CC-ing -bsd to get broader opinion.

Very well then.
I put up preliminary packages of 0.5.14 up at [1]. The should compile
successfully on linux and kfreebsd.

I would very much appreciate if you ore Aurelien could review the kfreebsd
patches (debian/patches/5?-kfreebsd-*.patch). Their patch headers should contain
a meaningful description.

E.g. in debian/patches/54-kfreebsd-libusb2.patch I only changed the minimum of
"#if __FreeBSD_version" to make it compile, but the code contains a lot more
#ifdefs which have no distinction for kfreebsd (grep __FreeBSD_version hald -R)
and I don't know if they should be updated too.

I'm awaiting your response so I can go on with the upload of 0.5.14-1.


[1] http://debs.michaelbiebl.de/hal/
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