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Re: kfreebsd-kernel-headers and USB API breakage

An alternative option is to install the old /dev/bus/usb in
/dev/legacy/bus/usb, as it seems to be on 8.0 installations (haven't
upgrade my plain FreeBSD machine yet). Then a single line change fixes
our problems.

From my POV, only the "/dev/legacy/bus/usb" is fine.
As we advertise __FreeBSD_kernel_version to be from 8.0
series, we should put in /dev/bus/usb the 8.0 headers.

The upstream used to have during 8.0 development these files
in <legacy/dev/usb/...>, at least for brltty suffices
only <legacy/dev/usb/usb.h> (and one line change in Programs/usb_kfreebsd.c). I will check also freeglut.


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