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Re: kfreebsd-kernel-headers and USB API breakage

Petr Salinger a écrit :
>> The new kfreebsd-kernel-headers version 0.44 is based on kFreeBSD 8.0.
>> This new kernel version introduce a new USB stack with a totally
>> different API.
>> This breaks the build of at least freeglut, libsdl1.2, hal and qemu, but
>> probably a lot more. While the long term solution is to add support for
>> the new API, this is something that will take time. We should find to
>> try a solution as soon as possible, as it starts to block package
>> migration to testing.
> Does for libsdl1-2 help including of more headers and
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/devel/sdl12/files/patch-src_joystick_bsd_SDL_sysjoystick.c ?

No, it doesn't include it. This would probably fix libsdl1.2, but
another upload of this package is then needed. It won't fix all the
other broken packages that have to be fixed the same way.

If we want to go for this solution, we have to scan the archive for
usage of this header file, and fix them by submitting a patch. With the
hope it won't come in a middle of a transition.

> Having 8.0 as a default should bring us usb stack compatible with libusb-1.0.
>>From http://libusb.org/wiki/Libusb1.0:
> libusb-1.0 includes a platform abstraction layer allowing for 
> cross-platform compatibility. Linux and Darwin (Mac OS X) are supported in 
> the latest release.
> FreeBSD 8 includes a FreeBSD-specific reimplementation of the libusb-1.0 
> API, so your applications will probably work there too. The source code 
> for this library can be found here.

Having libusb-1.0 support is something really interesting. However, it
doesn't fix application that directly use the kernel API. That's the
case of all applications I have listed.


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