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Re: Parted

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> (06/12/2009):
> So... I set myself to test my GPT patch for Parted, and end up
> reviewing the whole Parted situation.  Here's a status update:

Thanks for that.

> Aurelien's segfault fix [1] seemed quite obvious, so I submitted it
> to BTS, bug #559645 (btw, is severity appropiate?  I don't know if
> GNU/kFreeBSD bugs are considered RC these days...).

When something is clearly broken and preventing important parts of the
system to work, I think it deserves serious severity.

(From an FTBFS point of view, RC if already built once, since it
prevents migration to testing, important otherwise, as for other
architectures. For other bugs, I'm not sure there's a strict policy.)

#559645 is missing “Usertags: kfreebsd” by the way.


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