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Visualizing uninstallable Build-Depends issues

Hi folks,

after getting the “obvious” hal/xorg/gnome/kde build-dependencies
solved, I wanted to make it easy to track the next blockers. I've
written some scripts extracting the reasons behind the
BD-Uninstallable state on buildd.debian.org, parsing them, and then
generating subgraphs (all of them on a single graph will keep any
machine with a sane amount of RAM) and per-arch summaries with

I only track kfreebsd-* and at the moment, the update scripts are
manually run, but that may move to a crontab. You can find them there:

Some shortcomings:
 - OR'd dependencies/build-dependencies aren't supported yet.
 - conflicts aren't represented (wasn't worth, only a single got
 - versioned (build-|)dependencies aren't represented yet, although
   they are detected.
 - provided packages aren't taken into account, and result in an
   UNKNOWN-SOURCE source package, because I can't do the binary to
   source lookup with using additional Packages.gz files.
 - graphs might go upon each run, if you want to link to one
   publically, don't forget to copy it somewhere else first.

I chose PNG output over SVG because the former is easier to deal with
in my browser, but the .dot files are available, just replace “.png”
with “.dot”.

At the moment, planned NMUs are libcanberra and happy.

I hope those graphs will help e.g. Petr not to spend too much time
searching for the next blockers. ;)


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