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Breaking the second gnome-ish/xulrunner-ish dependency loop

Hi again,

once the packages mentioned in my previous mail available, one can then
consider libgnome2, libgnomeui, etc. but there's another dependency
loop. I'm attaching an SVG image that depicts it.

I tried the following:

 * build libproxy without having libmozjs-dev installed. No tweaks are
   needed, configure summary just shows that mozjs support is disabled.

 * build libsoup2.4, everything's fine.

 * build gvfs, noticed an FTBFS on non-Linux architectures due to
   bluetooth stuff in a .install; patch on its way to the BTS. Once that
   fixed, libgnome2-dev becomes installable.

 * build libbonoboui, everything's fine.

 * build libgnomeui, everything's fine.

 * build xulrunner, everything's fine.

 * build libproxy again, with libmozjs-dev installed this time, it looks
   like everything's fine, mozjs support is enabled this time.

So it looks like by uploading a manually-built (and untouched, which is
what I'm trying to do as much as possible) libproxy package, we get rid
of the dependency, and it'll only need a binNMU to get mozjs support
once xulrunner's built.


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