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Re: [gsoc2009] debian-installer on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> writes:

> Luca Favatella dijo [Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 11:57:22PM +0100]:
>> (I don't know if I have to cc other Debian mailing lists)
> Probably debian-boot would be the one - I am adding a Cc: to this
> mail, and quoting it fully. Debian-boot is [1] for «Developing the
> installation system - Discussion and maintenance of the Debian
> installation system»
>> I would like to partecipate as a student in Google Summer of Code 2009.
>> I'm interested in working on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.
>> I propose the project "Porting debian-installer on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD".
>> I'm not able to complete this task alone.
>> I need someone splitting this task in smaller subtasks to complete.
>> Do you think this project is a good idea?
>> Is there someone wanting to mentor me?


> Still, from what I have seen, d-i uses throughout the system many
> Linux-specific constructs (I'm mostly looking at udev), and many d-i
> components assume Linux structures (i.e. setting up partitions with
> LVM, using GRUB or LILO as the bootloader, the supported filesystems,
> etc.)

Yes you're right about that. We need to check what could be done and
check alternatives. I bet most of things are doable.

> Still, if you are willing to dive deep into it... I know it will help
> greatly our project's support for other OSs. I don't think it's
> probable that -at least in early stages- you will get commit access to
> the d-i repository, and you won't want to be stuck in an old version
> (but that's easily fixable by many techniques). In any case, I cannot
> mentor you, but if you want somebody cheering along, count me in :)


I think it would be nice, specially since we'd have someone focused on
that. I do belive we would do a great improvement and it would be a nice
project to have.

I'd like to know more details about the project idea and what would be
the roadmap for that.

Ross Cameron <abalour@gmail.com> writes:

> Why not re-impliment the installer in a more OS neautral way (plugins
> for different kernel/userland types) instead of porting it?

The installer itself is mostly OS neutral but we do offer support for
many Linux specific features.

I don't think that we need to redo all that work but instead look for
alternatives available for those features and add support for them, as
has been done for the Linux ones.

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