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Resp.: network problem- can't resolve hosts

I can't ping at all- it spits out "unrecognized command". I would
never have believed it, but it seems that the tool isn't installed
(and won't be until I can get apt-get to connect). Sorry I didn't
mention it in the original email.
I'm in Debian Sid right now, but here's what the file contains:
# Sample /etc/network/interfaces file for GNU/kFreeBSD

auto lo0
iface lo0 inet loopback

# DHCP network (replace ed0 with your interface, if different)
#auto ed0
#iface ed0 inet dhcp

# Static network (replace ed0 with your interface, if different)
#auto ed0
#iface ed0 inet static
#	address
#	network
#	netmask
#	gateway

I'm such a noob. I need to uncomment the DHCP section, don't I ?

2008/11/1, John Knight <jknight@geminimicro.com>:
> Robert Hayes wrote:
>> hi, i'm just now starting with Debian GNU/kfreebsd and I've already
>> run into a problem. Yay me =(
>> I installed the amd64 version (the iso is the one that dates to Feb.,
>> and it burned correctly), and the installation went without a hitch.
>> Upon reboot, no problems. I used "ifconfig -a" and it said that the
>> network was up and running (acc. to dmesg the boot process correctly
>> identified my network card and loaded the correct modules). But I
>> can't connect with anything:
>>      apt-get update fails, claiming failure to resolve host (on all
>> mirrors)
>>      trying to install the pgp keys fails, saying failure to resolve
>> subkeys.pgp.net host
>> So, what am I doing wrong here? Is ifconfig wrong, or do I need to
>> fill out a bug report?
>> thanks for any help you can give me.
> sounds like a dns issue perhaps.  can you ping other servers via ip instead
> of hostname?  what is the readout of the following command?
> "$ cat /etc/network/interfaces"
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