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Re: libevent FTBFS because of TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC

Petr Salinger scrisse:

> On all glibc based systems (linux,hurd,GNU/kFreeBSD) <sys/time.h>
> is the same. It defines TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC conditionally everywhere.
> kqueue.c:222: warning: implicit declaration of function
> The kqueue.c is not built on linux, so it does not fail here.

Yes, it looks like I misread the build log, missing some relevant bits.
> The "fix" is easy, just define _GNU_SOURCE in the top of kqueue.c,
> similarly as already done in buffer.c, evdns.c, rtsig.c.
> Yet better for upstream would be to define _GNU_SOURCE in config.h
> on all glibc based systems - via some autoconf test.

So it seems that adding AC_GNU_SOURCE to configure.in and removing
explicit definitions in those files upstream could be the right

Cheers, Luca

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