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libevent FTBFS because of TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC

I was recently looking at the build failure of libevent, which fails
only on kfreebsd (builds fine on hurd and linux).

It looks like it is missing TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC definition. On linux's
glibc it is correctly defined in sys/time.h. On our kfreebsd's glibc
too, but it is wrapped in a #ifdef __USE_GNU.
I've looked at other BDS and (eg. dragonfly) defines it unconditionally.

I've to admit I ignore who should define __USE_GNU (and why) and what
it is used for. I'm also not sure why we can't define that macro without
limits too.

I hope you guys will clear all my doubts...

Cheers, Luca

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