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Re: New GNU/kFreeBSD install CDs

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On Sun, 2008-02-24 at 21:26 -0800, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> [...]
> > I am happy to announce a new version of the GNU/kFreeBSD install CD
> > for both i386 and amd64.
> [...]
> Thanks. I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading or re-installing with one 
> of these new CD images. Besides the kernel, are any stale packages kept 
> during an upgrade (when the last packages were installed when the last 
> installation CD was released)?

The install images are based on the contents of the package archives at
the time of creation. Unless you have no internet access on the existing
GNU/kFreeBSD box, there's no point using the new CD image for anything.

Everything on the CD is from the normal package archives, so you'll get
the same packages (or newer ones most likely) from your internet mirror.


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