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ArchQualify needs NFU? Linux only kernel stuff? kfreebsd's fantastic

I see problems on:
I felt kfreebsd was close for release with etch. It seems further away 
for lenny with the Archive coverage. I suspect this is at least partially 
due to new NFU packages. Of course the list of unfixed bugs with a patch 
doesn't help. See:
It might be worth plugging this URL in future kfreebsd announcements.

Here's a few possible NFU packages:

http://packages.debian.org/sid/kerneloops says: "analysis and 
presentation to the Linux kernel developers."
Successful build log: http://io.debian.net/~lucas/bdfh-20080202/logs.bdfh/kerneloops_0.7-1_sid32-bdfh.buildlog
It seems to parse dmesg output. See: 
Perhaps someone could bug upstream to support the BSD kernels, or it 
might even work with a different submit site in the config file.

http://packages.debian.org/sid/kerneltop says: "kerneltop shows linux 
kernel function information usage (modules not included) like top do for 
process, and is derived from readprofile."
So it seems that it wouldn't work even if it did compile.

Oh, and I still think kFreeBSD is fantastic ;-) [1].

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2007/03/msg00003.html

     Drew Daniels
Resume: http://www.boxheap.net

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