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bsdstats for Debian/kFreeBSD

Hoi you,

I have a Debian/kFreeBSD system running here. Of course I want to
report it to bsdstats.org :-)

It was not possible to use the 300.statistics from FreeBSD and also
the version from http://io.debian.net/~tar/debian/bsdstats/ did not

But I found the version for MirBSD by Thorsten Glaser on

It does it's job, but only if you comment out the lines 282-307. This
is where the DNS thing is.

When I comment out the lines, it submitted my system.
Otherwise, it returned:
  not connecting to rpt.bsdstats.org: bsdstats.org not up

Would be nice if you could help me with this.


(btw: I want to build a Debian package for bsdstats)

... and Merry Christmas

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