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Re: sshd in unstable not executable any longer, seems to be a shared library

Thorsten Glaser a écrit :
> Okay, I've found out more about the cause:
> sshd is compiled as PIE (position independent executable), but only
> Linux, NetBSD and MirBSD can execute them; FreeBSD, OpenBSD and
> DragonflyBSD cannot. (The DragonFly gcc ignores -pie because it
> knows that its kernel can't execute them anyway.)

Could you give us more details? I am using the latest version of sshd, I
have verified it is a PIE binary, and I haven't see any problem so far.

What problem do you get with this binary? Which architecture are you
using, kfreebsd-i386 or kfreebsd-amd64? And which kernel are you using?
An upgrade to a 6.1 kernel may fix the bug.


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