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Re: sshd in unstable not executable any longer, seems to be a shared library

Okay, I've found out more about the cause:

sshd is compiled as PIE (position independent executable), but only
Linux, NetBSD and MirBSD can execute them; FreeBSD, OpenBSD and
DragonflyBSD cannot. (The DragonFly gcc ignores -pie because it
knows that its kernel can't execute them anyway.)

So the most “polite” solution to the problem would be to only build
ssh with -pie if the kernel is Linux or kNetBSD.

On the other hand, feel free to reassign the bug to the kfreebsd
architecture maintainers, they might want to do something about
either having gcc ignore the flag or fixing the kernel to execute
PIEs. (Can't be so hard, since I seem to have added it to the
MirBSD kernel _by accident_ while fixing something else… maybe
I'll dig out the change and port it to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.)

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