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Re: Bug#419081: www.debian.org: Terminology issue: GNU/NetBSD

tags 419081 - patch

On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 09:00:14PM +0300, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > The Debian GNU/kNetBSD port is referred incorrectly as "GNU/NetBSD".
> No, the port is correctly referred, becuse it's based on the NetBSD libc
> and BSD userland. So it's not like in the GNU/k*BSD ports which we
> explicitely specify that we are using only the kernel from the *BSD and
> not a more complete BSD system.

Oh, I didn't know this!  It appears that our (gnu.org) page contains
wrong information...

> The GNU/kNetBSD has been in lethargy for some time now, we just
> focused our energies in GNU/kFreeBSD, we might come back to it maybe
> once GNU/kFreeBSD has been officially merged into Debian as a proper
> port, and if there's developer interest. 

That's sad, but completely understandable (also sad that GNU/kFreeBSD
is facing so much apathy).  So, if I got it correctly, when the netbsd
effort is going to be resurrected you'll take the path of
GNU/kFreeBSD, right?

> By then I'd agree to add the new port on the webpages as knetbsd-gnu
> alongside knetbsd-gnu, or it might make sense to consider the old
> port deprecated (with permission from the GNU/NetBSD porters) and
> fix the webpages.

That's entirely up to you, but IMVHO it would be harsh to delete the
pages -- at least that's some kind of history.  Do you agree if I
rework my patch, mentioning knetbsd-i386 along netbsd-386 and
netbsd-alpha, with the added information that you provided on the main
netbsd page?  Provided on your input and corrections, we will then fix
our pages accordingly.

> > Also, I was wondering why the knetbsd-gnu ports are still called
> > netbsd-i386 [...]
> That's also related to it being a different port and having a
> different GNU triplet.

It is clear now, many thanks for the explanation.

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