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Re: Bug#419081: www.debian.org: Terminology issue: GNU/NetBSD


Thanks for taking the time for this!

On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 18:42:45 +0300, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> Package: www.debian.org
> Severity: important
> Tags: patch

> [(X-Debbugs-)CCing the porters' list]
> The Debian GNU/kNetBSD port is referred incorrectly as "GNU/NetBSD".
> I assume this mistake was not intentional and the pages just haven't
> been updated for a while.

No, the port is correctly referred, becuse it's based on the NetBSD libc
and BSD userland. So it's not like in the GNU/k*BSD ports which we
explicitely specify that we are using only the kernel from the *BSD and
not a more complete BSD system.

> By contrast, this is not the case with kfreebsd-gnu -- the GNU/kFreeBSD
> folks have been referring to the system with its proper name (also on
> wiki.d.o).  We (the GNU Webmasters) would be grateful if this issue
> is fixed, so that we can amend the last paragraph of [1] in a similar
> fashion like [2].

> Please consider applying the attached patch.

The GNU/kNetBSD has been in lethargy for some time now, we just
focused our energies in GNU/kFreeBSD, we might come back to it maybe
once GNU/kFreeBSD has been officially merged into Debian as a proper
port, and if there's developer interest. By then I'd agree to add the
new port on the webpages as knetbsd-gnu alongside knetbsd-gnu, or it
might make sense to consider the old port deprecated (with permission
from the GNU/NetBSD porters) and fix the webpages.

> Also, I was wondering why the knetbsd-gnu ports are still called
> netbsd-i386 and netbsd-alpha (i.e. without the "k" prefix)?  Is this
> for historical reasons?  dpkg-architecture lists both variants.

That's also related to it being a different port and having a
different GNU triplet.


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