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Re: Netconf [was: Debian vs. Hurd init scripts: `/etc/rcS.d']

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> (05/04/2007):
> Could I get some of you net-config-savvy people to sign up to the
> mailing list:
>   http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/netconf-devel

I just did.

> Also, I intend to use iproute for most everything. iproute should work
> fine on Hurd and BSD, right? So it's basically stuff like Netlink
> sockets, which are Linux-specific, and where I have to be
> cross-platform compatible through modularity, right?

AFAICT from the apt-cache results on both platforms, as well as from
<http://experimental.ftbfs.de/build.php?pkg=iproute>, iproute isn't
available either on GNU/kFreeBSD or on GNU/Hurd, unfortunately.

At least, on GNU/kFreeBSD, we have net-tools with the following content:
> [...]
> /usr/sbin
> /usr/sbin/authpf
> /sbin
> /sbin/ifconfig
> /sbin/route
> /sbin/pfctl
> /lib
> /lib/freebsd
> /lib/freebsd/route
should it be of some help.

I'm quite new to GNU/kFreeBSD, so I don't know (yet) much about
low-level things, but willing to learn and help if I can.


Cyril Brulebois

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