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Re: Netconf [was: Debian vs. Hurd init scripts: `/etc/rcS.d']

also sprach Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr> [2007.04.05.0253 +0200]:
> You could have Cc'd debian-bsd@l.d.o, but message received anyway.
> ;-) I added a wishlist item asking for flexibility/modularity so
> that non-Linux kernels can be handle too.

Hi, I am the father of netconf, and I wish I could start hacking
right now. Anyway, I registered your request. Could I get some of
you net-config-savvy people to sign up to the mailing list:


so that when issues arise, I can just post there?

Also, I intend to use iproute for most everything. iproute should
work fine on Hurd and BSD, right? So it's basically stuff like
Netlink sockets, which are Linux-specific, and where I have to be
cross-platform compatible through modularity, right?

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