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Re: short term tasks for GNU/kFreeBSD

Petr Salinger a écrit :
> Hi all.
> I would say GNU/kFreeBSD needs some work in following areas just now
> * new GNU/kFreeBSD install CD based on FreeBSD 6.2 kernel
>    [ aka RC of our etch/sketch installer ;-) ]

The new iso images of the install CD are online for a few days now. I
waited for positive feedback before announcing that. I think they are
ok, I will send an announcement soon (ie this week-end).

> * make fewer packages uninstallable (http://edos.debian.net/edos-debcheck/)
>   - build and upload xulrunner

The package is currently building on my machine. I still don't know why
this package fails to build on the two i386 build daemons, while they
builds correctly on my machine or on io.debian.net. It builds fine on
the amd64 build daemon.

>   - porter NMU of jabber-common (#407102)

I agree to sponsor a NMU, as proposed by Cyril. I think the first thing
to do is to ping the maintainer and propose him a porter NMU.

>   - port tct
>   - port cdrdao

I am a bit short of time, but I will try to have a look.


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