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Re: pstoedit: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD

Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz> (21/06/2006):
>> The current version fails to build on GNU/kFreeBSD due to unsatisfied
>> build-dependency on sysutils.
>> But sysutils are not needed for building. Please, could you just drop
>> it.
> Hi,
> we had no news about this bugreport, is there anything wrong with
> dropping this extra B-D?
> I'm thinking about a porter NMU since this package has many reverse
> dependencies, at least by lowering this B-D with a "[!kfreebsd-i386
> !kfreebsd-amd64]" (and maybe "!hurd-i386" also, I'm asking GNU/Hurd
> porters), so that nothing at all changes for Linux.
> Thanks for considering to do this tiny modification in a Maintainer
> Upload or to allow us (GNU/kFreeBSD porters) to NMU it.

I have just uploaded a fixed package to unreleased for kfreebsd-i386.
The kfreebsd-amd64 package is also ready, I will upload it after the
next install run.

If we don't have any news in let's say two weeks, I think we can go for
a porter NMU.


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