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Re: BSDStats ( Was: Re: output of sys.platform changed )

Is there any way of determining Debian GNU/kFreeBSD vs Gentoo GNU/kFreeBSD
without using sysctl?  I know I can get GNU/kFreeBSD out of uname -o, but how
can I get 'Debian'?

I'm trying to update the bsdstats (http://www.bsdstats.org) script to split
between the two, else I have to lump it all in as "GNU/kFreeBSD", which is what
we are doing now :(

Do you really want to distinguish between Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and Gentoo GNU/kFreeBSD.
Or is the second one Gentoo/FreeBSD (http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/gentoo-alt/bsd/fbsd/) ?

Anyway, on Debian, there will be (almost for sure) dpkg installed and "dpkg --print-architecture" will print either kfreebsd-i386 or kfreebsd-amd64.


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