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Re: output of sys.platform changed


I have a python application which relies on the sys.platform output.

I noticed that on GNU/kFreeBSD, the output of sys.paltform has changed from
gnukfreebsd5 to gnukfreebsd6.

Is this intentional ?
How are the numbers calculated ?

It is derived from version number of FreeBSD kernel.
It used to be 5.3, 5.4 ,6.0 ,6.1. Currently it is 6.2.

But I don't know why is part of version number included in sys.platform.

Is there something else I should check for to find out if the platform is a
GNU/kFreeBSD box ?

The best would be to test whether sys.platform starts with "gnukfreebsd",
as gnukfreebsd7 is not so far.


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