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wish for kfreebsd Christmas present

Hi all, especially Guillem Jover ;-)

Would be possible to create weekly snapshot(s) of kfreebsd archive(s) ?

Given cwd is "http://ftp.gnuab.org/debian/"; by something like

  DEST=`date +%Y%m%d`/
  cp -al pool-kfreebsd-amd64 $DEST
  cp -al pool-kfreebsd-i386 $DEST
  cp -a dists $DEST

Given all deb files are already in obsolete/,
the space cost of each such snapshot would be at about 100 MB.

IMHO, the current (or just before etch) unstable+unreleased is
(would be) in a good shape and will be very usefull for people
who wants to just test kfreebsd.

It might also serve as base for real etch based snapshot.

Many thanks for considering this.


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