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Re: Network trouble

Petr, Martin,

    > Hello, I've just installed debian/bsd and managed to get the network
    > going after editing /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/init.d/networking
    > restart.
    > However, after an apt-get update/upgrade and reboot I can not get the
    > network working again. If I for example ping a remote ftp-server I get
    > the resonse:
    > ping: sendto: No route to host

    > I connect to the internet through a router and DSL-modem. 

> Please try to verify whether you have ifconfig and route binaries,
> which package they are come from.
> dpkg -S /sbin/ifconfig
> dpkg -S /sbin/route
> They used to be in freebsd-hackedutils, but now route should be in net-tools, ifconfig should move soon.

> You can also try to downgrade freebsd-hackedutils to some older version.
> Hopefully you will find some in  /var/cache/apt/archives/

I just had the same problem.

I got things back up by extracting /sbin/ifconfig, /sbin/route and
/sbin/route.real from the old "hackedutils" deb-file and then do a
"apt-get install net-tools"

One thing I do have to say it is pretty annoying that if you do "apt-get
update/upgrade" it does not install the net-tools package. I don't know
exctaly how the "apt-get" system works, but losing your network
connectivity completely is pretty annoying when you want to try out a
new OS.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.


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