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install successful

I found the problem of my previous

I needed to check at BIOS the geometry
of my debian- bsd hd, which was very different from
the one, I'm regularly using.

Now the 'minimum' installation works.

And I wanted to get Networking
in order and to set Xwindows.

What is the proper way to get
the Net working?

With debian/linux sarge system
I had with installing no problems;
the installation procedure found automatically
my ethernet card and the adsl modem
connection with the ethernet.

What should I do for debian-bsd to
to get the network connection working?

What is the package I would need to
get 'dselect' command (for installing
packages) working?

That is the way
I'm still normally using to install

Where can I find instructions
for general configuring

- hv

Hannu Virtanen <hannu_markus_virtanen@yahoo.com> wrote:
I tried to install debian-bsd on a hd
and using the same machine as used for debian/linux.

I could not boot it.
I tried several ways of installing
the boot loader,
first without doing anything for the boot loader
(there was the grub) and finally trying
to install BSD bootloader...


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