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Re: install?

Or is there a reliable way to make
a new partition on my existing system
(so that not to destroy my data) so that
I cold use my already installed debian programs
where they are (for my debian/linux)?

Look at "parted". But backup your important data before.

I was thinking that would be really nice, if a bsd-kernel
would be available as an image within the normal
debian system as a choice to be selcted...

Could it be possible to make such a system?
Or does the freebsd need  a special formatting
system of the hd as well?

It is again similar to coexistence between linux and windows.
Interface between OS and user space is different,
therefore all binaries have to be different.
They are only build from the same source.
The same applies alos for file system.
On Linux it is ext3, for Windows ntfs and for kfreebsd ufs2.


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