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Re: install?

OK. I see.

In my case it seems to mean that I will put it
on another hd.

Or is there a reliable way to make
a new partition on my existing system
(so that not to destroy my data) so that
I cold use my already installed debian programs
where they are (for my debian/linux)?

I was thinking that would be really nice, if a bsd-kernel
would be available as an image within the normal
debian system as a choice to be selcted...

Could it be possible to make such a system?
Or does the freebsd need  a special formatting
system of the hd as well?

- hv

Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz>
> if I could install debian-bsd such a way that
> I would add on my hard-dsk with
> other kernels a debian-bsd kernel
> to select that kernel from the grub menu,
> which I'm using for linux kernels,
> I'm using at present with 'sarge' debian...
> Or is it needed to install the whole thing
> on another hd?

You have to have dedicated (primary) partition for GNU/kFreeBSD.
It is similar as for coexistence between linux and windows.
All systems need private system partition, but data can be shared.


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