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Re: kfreebsd future

Petr Salinger a écrit :
Hi all, especially Aurelien and Robert.

I would like to slightly discuss future of GNU/kFreeBSD.

- FreeBSD 6.x based

  * kfreebsd-kernel-headers
  * freebsd-libs
  * freebsd-utils
  * ...

GNU/kFreeBSD have to switch FreeBSD base to newer version some day.
From my POV, it would be usefull to do it now.
kfreebsd-amd64 have only 6.x kernels, half of popcon registered users already uses 6.x kernels on kfreebsd-i386.

kfreebsd-image-5.4-1-486           1
kfreebsd-image-5.4-1-586           1
kfreebsd-image-5.4-1-686           3

kfreebsd-image-6.0-1-686           1
kfreebsd-image-6.1-1-586           1
kfreebsd-image-6.1-1-686           3

Does anyone have problems with kfreebsd-image-6.1 ?

My only problem is that I would like to see kfreebsd-6.1 in the Debian archive before asking for removal of version 5.4.

To get kfreebsd-6.1 in the archive, we need freebsd6-utils first, and thus libbsd.

There are still problems with libbsd. Quoting Guillem Jover:

11:58 < braindmg> aurel32: about libbsd I'll talk to you later
11:58 < braindmg> (oh, ok I've 10 mins)
11:59 < braindmg> aurel32: I'm mostly concerned about the library name, there was previously such a lib generated from glibc 11:59 < braindmg> and some packages may end up linking against it accidentally (like inetutils) 12:00 < braindmg> then there's the license, I found there's 4 clause licensed files in the lib

May I adapt kfreebsd-kernel-headers to use kfreebsd-source-6.1 ?

If it is still possible to use 5.4 kernels then, that looks ok to me.

- outdated install CD

    Would be possible to regenerated these images ?
    Ideally, with kfreebsd-image-6.1 as kernel and with recent glibc.

I think Robert Millan is the person to contact for that. I have no idea how the images are generated.

- kfreebsd-i386 & etch
        Release or not to release ?

Well I think we are too far for something releasable, moreover kfreebsd-i386 is still not in the archive.

- kfreebsd-i386 on ftp.debian.org as official arch
        Are there any objection from ftpmasters ?

AFAIK, no there aren't any objection. Last time we (with Guillem Jover) spoke about that with them, it was ok in principle. It was roughly a year ago.

        Or do they just ignore ArchiveQualification pages and #369797 ?

It seems they are ignoring that, also for other architectures such as m32r or armeb.

- status mail to debian-devel-announce
        Some publicity might help to quicker applying of patches,
    or to integrate them during NMU,
    or may be even with ArchiveQualification.

This is something to do, what to say? I am not sure we have a lot to add since the last mail to debian-devel-announce. For some time I hopped it would be possible to announce a kfreebsd-amd64 developement machine, but we have no news of the offer I received through Martin Michlmayr for an amd64 machine. No response to ping either :(

However if you have some ideas, we can prepare a mail.

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