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Re: How can I use busybox in the original FreeBSD?

> > I tried the GNU/kFreeBSD recently, it's really interesting. I installed busybox with apt-get, and it goes well. 
> > Now I wanna it to run in a original FreeBSD-5.4, but failed. 
> >             bash-2.05b# busybox 
> >             cannot set up thread-local storage: set_thread_area failed when setting up thread-local storage
> > 
> > It seems that the program can not be initialized. Does any one know how to fix it? I need your help, thanks very much!

Well, our current glibc needs file 
at least in revision or 1.97.

Stock freebsd 5.4 does not have it, because:
RELENG_6_BP 	      1.102

So you have to wait for FreeBSD 5.5 or use just released FreeBSD 5.5-RC1.
Of cource FreeBSD 6.0 or newer will also have it. 
You can also built your own glibc with "--without-__thread" and use stock FreeBSD 5.4.
It would allow you to run single threaded programs. 
But for multi threaded programs you need newer sys_machdep.c and at least clone_signals.diff applied.
> > Besides, I have another question. Has the GNU/kFreeBSD kernel been changed?
Yes, see


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