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Bug#323154: header protection in <sys/syscall.h>

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 11:19:49AM +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> >
> >This patch adds header protection to kfreebsd's <sys/syscall.h>.  Note 
> >that this
> >is a dynamicaly-generated file.  My patch fixes _both_ the generator 
> >script and
> >the header so that the fix is also applied when building header packages.
> >
> >After this is applied, it will be suitable to replace glibc's 
> ><sys/syscall.h>
> >(which is just an old version from kfreebsd) with up-to-date version in
> >kfreebsd-kernel-headers.
> Well, I am not sure it is the way to do that. If the glibc already 
> provides it, we should update it in the glibc instead of deleting the 
> file in debian/rules of glibc and providing it in kfreebsd-kernel-headers.

It's not really provided by Glibc as such, Bruno Haible copied it from kFreeBSD
headers into:


So its just an older version of the same file.  It's not in Glibc upstream

Maybe Bruno copied the file so that he could add header protection to it.  If
header protection is the whole point of having this file in Glibc, then there's
not much point :).

(btw, you don't need to delete it in debian/rules, just removing the file from
sysdeps tree will make the version in kfreebsd-headers have preference)

> >I'm forwarding it to upstream, too.
> Ok, nice. However I don't think it is necessary to fix that in our 
> kernel if the bug is fixed in the glibc. After all, the kernel currently 
> build fine.

The problem is that if <sys/syscall.h> is too old, some applications that use
newer kFreeBSD syscalls won't build.  This is the case with libattr (when
ported to kFreeBSD).

Robert Millan

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