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Bug#323154: header protection in <sys/syscall.h>

Robert Millan a écrit :
Package: kfreebsd-5
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


This patch adds header protection to kfreebsd's <sys/syscall.h>.  Note that this
is a dynamicaly-generated file.  My patch fixes _both_ the generator script and
the header so that the fix is also applied when building header packages.

After this is applied, it will be suitable to replace glibc's <sys/syscall.h>
(which is just an old version from kfreebsd) with up-to-date version in
Well, I am not sure it is the way to do that. If the glibc already provides it, we should update it in the glibc instead of deleting the file in debian/rules of glibc and providing it in kfreebsd-kernel-headers.

I'm forwarding it to upstream, too.
Ok, nice. However I don't think it is necessary to fix that in our kernel if the bug is fixed in the glibc. After all, the kernel currently build fine.


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