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Re[9]: Позвони мне пожайлуйста... Johnston [Fwd: GCC 4.0 as the default GCC / C++ ABI change] Do not have money , get software cds from here! Download + CDS all OS and all under $15-$99 just FN-FORUM: Message Rejected freebsd-sendpr_3.113+5.3-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED GCC 4.0 as the default GCC / C++ ABI change on GNU/kFreeBSD GNUAB archive gpg key kfreebsd-5_5.3-1_i386.changes is NEW kfreebsd5-source_5.3-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED kfreebsd5-source_5.3-17_i386.changes ACCEPTED Need software? Click here. Notice of Domain Change posixtestsuite_1.4.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processing of freebsd-sendpr_3.113+5.3-6_i386.changes Processing of kfreebsd-5_5.3-1_i386.changes Processing of kfreebsd5-source_5.3-16_i386.changes Processing of kfreebsd5-source_5.3-17_i386.changes Processing of posixtestsuite_1.4.3-2_i386.changes Processing of type-handling_0.2.15_multi.changes Processing of type-handling_0.2.16_i386.changes Software distribution. type-handling_0.2.15_multi.changes ACCEPTED type-handling_0.2.16_i386.changes ACCEPTED Your mail to The last update was on 10:16 GMT Thu May 14. There are 25 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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