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Notice of Domain Change

On October 1, 2004, Retire Quickly Corporation changed its corporate name to Financial Freedom Society, Inc. We also changed our primary domain to ffsi.com for both website and email use.

Please update your address book as soon as possible to use our new domain of ffsi.com. Most retirequickly.com email accounts are still in use, but have been moved to the ffsi.com domain. For example, if you were trying to email admin@retirequickly.com, the new address is admin@ffsi.com .

We DO NOT forward retirequickly.com mail to ffsi.com. Please resend your email to the appropriate ffsi.com address. If the account that you are sending to is no longer in use, you will receive an error message notifying you that the account does not exist. If this happens, please send your email to admin@ffsi.com or call our office at (813) 960-3131.

Thank you!

Financial Freedom Society, Inc.

(formerly Retire Quickly Corporation)

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