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Re: Naming questions, to the BSD list only

First, a reminder: This poll was posited on the assumption that a change
would be necessary, and tried to answer the question of which naming scheme
should be used in that case. The question of changing at all is not, for
the most part, under the aegis of the debian-bsd list. (Though we can, of
course, always decide we want to change just for the heck of it, but it
seems wiser to present others with a somewhat more reasonable rationale).

Two complete votes were received, as follows:

/---------- Christian demonology
|/--------- Discworld gods
||/-------- Tolkien Valar/Maiar
|||/------- Greek mythology
||||/------ Famous physicists
|||||/----- K,KL prefix
||||||/---- k,kl prefix
|||||||/--- k,kl suffix
||||||||/-- Userland/libc/kernel triple
|||||||||/- Further discussion

Additionally, one early vote (prior to the final ballot) was received:


And, finally, two single-preference votes not in a parseable formats
were received:

In favor of Famous Physicists
In favor of Greek Mythology

Frankly, trying to dig out the stuff from devotee to run this as a full
ballot seems kind of silly, given the lack of votes, and the fact that more
than half are not in a clean ballot form, so I'll do a more casual (and
verbose) analysis; if anyone sees a flaw, though, please point it out.

Christian demonology was ranked behind "Further Discussion" by two out of
the three votes expressing a relationship. Seems like a loser.

Discworld gods, Tolkien Valar/Maiar, and Greek mythology ranked ahead of
Further Discussion on all three votes capable of expressing this, and Greek
mythology got an individual most-favorite vote; Famous physicists ranked
ahead on two, behind on one, but got a most-favorite vote as well.

Only two ballots addressed the prefix/suffix notation; on those, the K,KL
prefix, and k,kl suffix ranked equal to FD on one, and behind it on the
other, while the k,kl prefix ranked well ahead of it on one, and well
behind it on the other.

On both ballots with the option, the triple was ranked last (equal-to-others
last on one, dead last with no ties on the other).

I think it's reasonably safe to discard demonology and triples as valid

Discworld, Tolkien, Greek mythology, and Famous physicists are all in
a morass which is difficult to declare any winner out of; however, the
strongest (in having an extra vote, and *not* having any votes rank it
behind Further Discussion) appears to be Greek mythology.

None of them could be said to have anything like a solid mandate, though,
given the lack of votes. Anyone seriously object to Greek myth?
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