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Re: Naming questions, to the BSD list only

It has been pointed out that there are at least three other categories
which it is meaningful to include; therefore, please consider this the
revised ballot. My apologies to anyone who has to re-submit.

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 08:34:53PM -0700, Joel Baker wrote:
> So. While things aren't by any means decided yet, I would like to propose
> a straw poll, solely for those who're actually doing work on the BSD ports
> (honor system, for anyone else reading the list, but if you actually read
> the list, you probably have a reasonable argument for inclusion :) as to
> what naming convention we should use.
> I haven't found any documents on how to use the voting system for a straw
> poll, if it's even possible, but since the number of votes should be fairly
> small, I'll just tally them by hand.
> The proposed naming schemes of which I am aware are as follows:
> 1) Christian demonology
> 2) Discworld gods
> 3) Tolkien Valar/Maiar
> 4) Greek mythology
> 5) Famous physicists
  6) K,KL prefix notation ('Debian GNU/KLNetBSD(i386)')
  7) k,kl suffix notation ('Debian GNU/NetBSDkl(i386)')
  8) Userland/libc/kernel ('Debian GNU/NetBSD/NetBSD(i386)')

> Ashort set of pros and cons, at least as I see them, follows:
> 1) Pros - daemon, demon, close enough; extensive catalog of names
>    Cons - at least one BSD developer protest, likely to cause political
>           fallout at some point, BSD world tries hard to avoid 'demon'
>           associations
> 2) Pros - Not likely to offend anyone, geeky reference
>    Cons - Not many names for a given letter, may (but probably won't) have
>           hassles from Pratchett's lawyers.
> 3) Pros - Lots of names, Valar/Maiar are a very direct analogue to daemons,
>           unlikely to offend anyone, uber-geeky reference
>    Cons - Many aren't US/ASCII, not widely known, Tolkien's estate might
>           cause hassles, uber-geeky reference
> 4) Pros - Lots and LOTS of names, Greek
>    Cons - Many names are trademarked in a (possibly) relevant field of
>           endeavour, not really all that associated with daemons
> 5) Pros - More than ample names for nearly any letter, unlikely to object,
>           most of them are dead and have no estates to object anyway, well
>           known outside geek circles (well, relative to any other option so
>           far, anyway)
>    Cons - Only linkage to daemons is uber-geeky

  6) Pros - Keeps the kernel in the name
     Cons - Looks ugly as sin, may not be enough for some trademark holders

  7) Pros - Also keeps the kernel in the name
     Cons - Still looks ugly as sin, still may not be enough for some
            trademark holders

  8) Pros - Even more specific
     Cons - Doesn't solve the trademark issue at all

Note that category 8 may be disqualified completely, but I'm including it
so that nobody can argue it didn't have exposure.

> For the straw vote, there are six categories (the 5 above, plus 'further,
> discussion'). Rank them in order of preference, with lower numbers having
> a higher preference. You may have ties or unranked entries. All unranked
> entries are considered equally, as the least preferred. To object to an
> entry, rank it *behind* 'Further Discussion'; for the purposes of this
> vote, a win by 'further discussion' implies that no option is sufficiently
> appealing, and we should continue to try to find other options.

It's now nine categories, but the general guidance remains the same.

> Feel free to include a rationale section, if you wish; all rationale
> comments will be included in the summary. If you wish your name attached
> to the rationale, please include a statement to that effect; rationale
> sections without such a statement will be presented without attribution.
> The ballots with be manually processed, so as long as I can read it, it's
> valid. But I'd really appreciate it if you'd stick to the following form:
> -=-=- cut here -=-=-
> [   ] Christian demonology
> [   ] Discworld gods
> [   ] Tolkien Valar/Maiar
> [   ] Greek mythology
> [   ] Famous physicists
  [   ] K,KL prefix
  [   ] k,kl suffix
  [   ] Userland/libc/kernel triple
> [   ] Further discussion
> -=-=- cut here -=-=-
> Polls open now (roughly 2003-12-19 03:30 +0000), and will close at
> 2003-12-22 03:30 +0000 (or roughly 3 days hence).

This hasn't changed, but I'll try to make sure everyone who sent a ballot
already has the chance to revise that ballot before the close of polls.
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