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About glibc-bsd at your site.

I Robert,
I downloaded your gnu-kfreebsd.tar.bz2. Step by Step,
I firstly, copied /lib and /libfbsd to the filesystem
of FreeBSD installed box at base level. Then, randomly
i (cp -rfp)ed the other directories. However, some of
the binaries that require lib* did not get great results
and some installation scripts errored out with a message
: install-info(/usr/share/info/ipc.info.gz): failed to 
lock dir for editing! File exists. Try deleting /usr/
share/info/dir.lock. I surely tried it. However, there
has been no further step i could take to overcome this.

If you are able to run your bz2 in your freebsd box safely
and if it is working ok. Would you tell me what steps 
should i take to make the system work. what steps to 
fork getty safely?


Halil Demirezen

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